Saturday, 1 May 2021

Hydrangea Hill Cards for May

 Hi there Creators

the Hydrangea Hill Designer Series Paper is so beautiful that I thought I'd make it a feature of the cards for our May class, plus I've added in a couple of new items......😊(which will be available from 4th May, yay!)

This first card uses some of the new Pale Papaya open weave ribbon (very pretty) and it's funny as when I first saw this colour I really didn't think much of it, but it's not as wishy washy as I thought it looked, it actually has a nice peachy tone to it.  Oh and the saying is from a new set too called "Elegantly Said"

Hydrangea Hill DSP,  Stampin' Up!
The second card is this one, again new goodies, I've used some of the Pale Papaya card behind the saying, then there's also new stamp set and punch: Flowers of Friendship Stamps and matching Flowers & Leaves Punch (I like punches!)  and lastly there's the new Linen Specialty Paper, this was an interesting one, I didn't realise it's sticky backed, I rather like the way it allows the pattern of the paper to show through the linen, and I love the light texture it gives.  We're also saying a sad goodbye to Rococo Rose as it' retires on 3rd May making way for the new In Colours.  I've used it for my base card colour.
Hydrangea Hill DSP,  Stampin' Up!

The last (and trickiest) card is this one, it looks deceptively simple from the outside (partly cos it is very simple on the outside),

Hydrangea Hill DSP,  Stampin' Up!

but when you open it up there's this.......
Hydrangea Hill DSP,  Stampin' Up!
Wow, I know right?

Anyway down to the nitty gritty, the class is either in person or by mail (you'll get a video of how to do the pop out bit if you choose by mail, as well as the usual instructions) Class cost $20 ($22.20 by mail to cover postage).  

If you choose "by mail" you'll need to stamp your own sayings and find some other flowers to use on card #2, but everything else will be ready for you.

Dates for class here in my classroom are Tuesday 11th 10.30am, Wednesday 12th 10.30am or Thursday 13th 7pm.  If you can't make one of those times/days and would rather do the class in person, then let me know and we'll work something out😊

Make sure you book your spot as classes can book up kind of fast!

If you're not up to joining in, I hope this inspires you to create at home!

God Bless love

Heather xox

If you'd like to receive my emails about classes and Stampin' Up! offers do send me an email:  and ask to be added to my mailing list.



Tuesday, 6 April 2021

3D tutorial, Coffee Cup

 Hi there Creators, 

I did a Facebook Live on Saturday (Easter Saturday) where I showed how to make this Coffee Cup, it's quite easy but can look really great with a couple of choccie eggs in it (or other things!)  so I thought I'd share it here with you too:

3D coffee cups, Stampin' Up!

3D coffee cups, Stampin' Up!

Do watch the video below to learn how to create these, let me know if you have a go!, and don't forget to follow me on Facebook for my Something Saturday videos. Being CreateAble with Heather Facebook


I hope this inspires you to create!

God Bless love


Monday, 5 April 2021

Fancy Fold - Corner Fold with Easel Card

 Hi there Creators, 

well a week or so ago I posted this video for my Something Saturday Facebook live, and I'm a bit late in putting it up here!

Here are the cards I've made using this fancy fold that I saw at the Picture to Page show recently.

 This is the first one I made up with the new Butterfly Bijou Designer Series Paper, which is sadly sold out at the moment! (very popular)

Currently the card I made in the video has gone walkies, however I did make this card up using the same World of Good Designer Series Papers that the one in the video is made with.  I love the brass foil designs that are on some of the sheets.

Rough instructions are that you start off with a square piece of card, score it in 1/2 both ways (so it has 4 small squares), cut one of the score lines up to the centre point.  If you have that cut line down the bottom, you then fold the top 2 squares diagonally backwards, and that's pretty much all the folding!  

Do watch the video below for more in depth description

If you live in Australia don't forget you can order my April Card kit which has one of these in it to create, see my previous post for more details.

I hope these inspire you to create, let me know if you have a go!

God Bless love

Heather xox



Saturday, 3 April 2021

In Bloom Bundle/ UFO's

 Hi there Creators,

Today I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to clean up my desk, it's one of those jobs that you get started on then find things you haven't finished off.... 

So instead of cleaning I ended up finishing off a couple of things, hence the UFOs Unfinished Objects, as it turns out I end up using the In Bloom Bundle for both of them.

The first one was this card, which I'd previously stamped but hadn't got any further, so I added the ribbon and the gorgeous Artistry Blooms sequins and finished it off:

In Bloom Bundle, Stampin' Up!

The other project is a 3D one, for which I had the "bones" made up, specifically the outside box bit, but I had plans for the inside which hadn't happened, so finally I chose the colours and what I was going to decorate it with, and here's the finished article......

In Bloom bundle, Stampin' Up!

I admit I did do the inside first, however you get to see the outside first lol, it's a bit purple as I was thinking about a couple of friends who love purple (plus I currently have almost a full pack of Gorgeous Grape and 1/2 a pack of Highland Heather cardstock)  I love the stitched look with these Pierced Blooms dies, so as I'd stamped the side panels I thought I'd add a white stitched look to them too, just using the White Stampin' Chalk Marker

The inside is the bit that Tom (hubby) and the kids all said "Cool" to 😀

In Bloom bundle, Stampin' Up!

I was so chuffed with the way it turned out!  I've used some of the small flower dies on the top, and another flower to create the green leaves under it. With some of the beautiful Pastel Pearls.

Got a couple more photos of it too: bit more of an outside of the box shot, to show the stamping in more detail:

In Bloom bundle, Stampin' Up!

And a quick shot showing how the lid fits on:

In Bloom bundle, Stampin' Up!

Well What to do you think?  Do you want to have a go? it's not actually as hard as it looks lol

I hope it inspires you to have a go at something different!

God Bless love Heather xox

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Sand & Sea Cards for Classes in April

 Hi there,

Well I've chosen to do my card class in April using the fabulous Sand & Sea Suite collection.  I just love the way the stamps match the dies and even the embossing folder. Oh and the fabulous Pearlescent Specialty Paper......

When you use them, just so you know; Cut, Stamp then Emboss!

Anyway on to the cards that you'll be creating in my classes this month......

I'm really happy with the way this card turned out, I really wanted this big conch shell to stand out on the card, as totally unique.  In "real life" the shell has the beautiful pearl look from the Pearlescent paper.

Sand & Sea Suite, Stampin' Up!

This next card I was hoping would work as either a guy or gal card, I hope you can see the gold flecks in the card stock (looks even greater in real life lol)

Sand & Sea Suite, Stampin' Up!


Then the last card is a 3D corner fancy fold card, using some of the Sand & Sea Designer Series Paper

I also love these little Opal rounds that I've used here to prop up the easel part of this card 
(they're so pretty!) 

Well, that's the cards for the month.   Class dates are: Thursday 8th April 7pm, Tuesday 13th  at 10.30am and Wednesday 21st at 10.30am.  If you would prefer to do the class at home in your own time I can mail the class out however I can't stamp the images for you, so you'd need to find some other sayings (or of course purchase the set!😀)

Cost for the Class $20 includes all card stock, full instructions and envelopes. Or $14 for the class if you purchase the suite from me.  If you can't make it to any of the classes but do purchase the suite through me I will happily email the instructions to you (although you may need to remind me - holidays are coming up!!).  Let me know if you'd like to do the class but can't make one of the class dates as I'm happy to schedule more 😊

Hope these inspire you to create!

God Bless love

Heather xox

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Cute Pop-Open Box

 Hi there Creators,

I did a Facebook live video a couple of weeks ago on this cute pop open box, and thought I'd share it here for you too, I've finally got round to uploading it to YouTube today!

Here is the first box I made:

I've used the beautiful Hydrangea Hill designer series paper, then I made this one in the video

I had been scrolling around on the internet and found it but of course it was American and used imperial measurements not metric, so I've converted it to metric - specifically tailored to an A5 sheet.


This is my roughly written out instructions that I use, however just in case the markings aren't making enough sense.....

Take your sheet of A5 in landscape, and score it at 1cm and 10cm,

Then in portrait score it 2cm in one side and 2.5cm the other side

On the 2.5cm side you need to cut at 6cm and 16cm (only up to the 2.5cm scored line)

trim off the little bits as shown in the 1cm scored portion

Using a bone folder you'll need to score the diagonal lines then fold everything.  Attach the 1cm flap round to the other side of the box to form a flat tube, then push open the base, and attach it down to form the base of your box (you'll see what I mean in the video!)

The patterned paper I used 9.5cm square, find the 1/2 way mark at the bottom end, and cut from one top corner diagonally to the 1/2 way point, then repeat for the other side and attach it in  place.

Have fun and do show me what you make!

I hope this inspires you to have a go.

God Bless love

Heather xox

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Creating Pearly Paper

 Hi there Creators,

I was surfing YouTube the other day looking for nothing in particular and came across a video from a lady in the State called Linda Heller who was showing how to create Pearlized paper, I thought it was so cool that I had to have a go too!

It involves Cardstock, a blending brush and a pot of Frost White Shimmer Paint (so tempting to say a pot of gold lol)



Anyway, moving on...... the general gist is you use the blending brush to brush the card stock with the frost white shimmer paint, and then do whatever you're going to do with it, here's what I did!...

I've used the amazing Sand & Sea Suite, in particular the Friends are like Seashells bundle and the Seashells 3D embossing folder (it pack a really WOW!)
Friends are Like Seashells, Seashells embossing folder, Stampin' Up!

Friends are Like Seashells, Seashells embossing folder, Stampin' Up!

Friends are Like Seashells, Seashells embossing folder, Stampin' Up!

Friends are Like Seashells, Seashells embossing folder, Stampin' Up!

Sadly it's really hard to capture the pearly effect it gives in a photo (or at least it is for me!)  However I've made a little video to go with it, so do check this out too:

I hope it inspires you to have a go,

God Bless love